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I used to provide webmaster services such as set up, installation, domain registration and hosting when I was self employed. However, I no longer do business as a webmaster with my own business. I have turned over my entire web site business to my son Jeremy whose company is Elite Network Technology, Inc. and I work part time for my brother Larry Barrows’ IT company Connectech primarily as a tech writer and whatever he asks me to do that I am capable of doing. However, I listen to your concerns and needs. From listening I try to recommend the best way to make the web site you want and need for a reasonable price either through Connectech or my son’s IT business. As you can see in my portfolio, I have a wide range of different web sites (over sixty) for you to browse. If you check the Site Map you can browse by category. Let me know more about your web site so I can make it happen and be your webmaster!
I am a G Suite (formerly Google Apps) Certified Sales Specialist. Millions of businesses have gone Google. Let me explain the benefits of your going Google. I work for my brother’s company, Connectech, if I set you up with G Suite. I will be happy to explain why your company should go Google. Or just click on Google Apps in the blue bar below for a short video that explains it.  
Learn More About the Benefits of Google Apps
I recommend you host your domain web site with a 1&1 account. My second choice would be GoDaddy.  But sometimes my clients prefer to have their own registrar and host. If you want your own hosting account for your web site which also includes registration of your domain I use 1&1 and would appreciate it if you clicked on the banner below to register your account. I will be happy to give you advice so you can set up your web site using your own account. Ask me for purchase advice on which 1&1 Hosting Package to buy. Then click below to purchase your own package: