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Saving Money Going Google
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More companies are understanding how going Google can save money and allow employees better collaboration and connectivity with the home office. Going Google with G Suite will do just that all by itself. However, if you have multiple locations or field representatives on the go, you may want to learn how switching to Chrome devices and G Suite could work for you. Let’s take the case of Fraikin, one of Europe’s largest commercial vehicle rental and fleet management companies, who has gone Google. Your company may not be as large but the principles learned from Fraikin may inspire you to think differently about your current way of managing your business in enabling mobile employee productivity and to reduce IT maintenance efforts. This is what Google calls ‘change management.’

Franck Lerivrain, Development Manager at Fraikin says, “Before we began using G Suite and Chrome devices, employees used 1,500 PCs in our offices throughout France. The computers ran local versions of the software that employees needed to do their jobs, such as vehicle booking management tools, accounting solutions, and customer databases. Our IT team spent many hours updating and troubleshooting the machines, often traveling to branch offices to keep the PCs up and running. Accessing legacy enterprise applications was difficult for employees. They could only use the applications on their own workstations, not on laptops or phones. We have 400 sales reps in France, and they’re usually traveling to meet customers at their own offices. The sales reps couldn’t log into our databases to update customer records until they arrived back at branch offices, nor could they look up information to answer questions from customers.”

Does that sound familiar to you?  Then Fraikin switched to using Chromebooks, Chromebits and G Suite. Lerivrain explains the results. “We expect that the cost of purchasing and maintaining Chromebooks and Chromebits will be only a fifth of the cost of the old PC workstations. Much of the savings will come from reduced maintenance. In addition, we’ll save on the cost of the old software we needed to connect to the mainframe. My IT staff won’t need to travel to branch offices as often, since we can update software from our home office. Employees can simply log in through Chrome and access the latest software, without any action on their end. G Suite is updated automatically, so that’s another maintenance task we can cross off our list.” Read the full story.

If you want to keep all your current devices, no problem, G Suite works with Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS. Let us explain how you can save on IT or if you are interested in saving money using Chrome Devices. Google Google Change Management PDF.