Is freshly roasted coffee really better or not?
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The general consensus is that freshly roasted coffee is better but needs to wait a short period of time to allow the beans to rest before you actually brew the coffee. There is no magic number how long it takes for the coffee beans to rest. The range of rest is from minutes to 18 days, depending on all sorts of factors such as the type of bean, roast, or grind and who decides how long the ‘rest’ should be. Another factor to remember is subjectivity, i.e., in coffee competitions the winner of the best coffee is dependent on the ‘judges’, so whether a freshly roasted coffee tastes better to you than to someone else could be just as subjective. Nevertheless, we enjoy knowing about a coffee that the ‘judges’ say is the best coffee and want to try it out. So, here are some authorities who explain that freshly roasted coffee is better:

“It is true that some coffees reach a delicious taste profile within minutes, but this is rare. Some reach an optimal taste within hours, but MOST coffees are best if rested at least 1 day, and many are best resting 3 days. Standard coffee shop procedure is to rest coffees between 1 and 3 days depending on the beans.” Resting Coffee After Roasting, Len’s Coffee

“Coffee needs a minimum of 12-24 hours rest after roasting before it is brewed.” Storing Your Roasted Coffee, Sweet Maria’s

“Degassing varies depending on the type of coffee and roast. It therefore can take anywhere from 2 to 12 days until the coffee is ready to brew.” UNDERSTANDING DEGASSING: IS FRESH BEST?, by Hanna, Fellow

“we find it extracts most evenly and consistently (which, in turn, makes the coffee taste better across the board) 7-12 days after roasting.” MYTH: FRESH ROASTED COFFEE IS BEST

“To find the peak flavor of freshly roasted coffee, one needs to balance two important factors: the loss of aromatics, and the build-up of carbon dioxide. For most coffees, this happens in a window of 4-14 days after roasting.” Clive Coffee

“There is a peak “resting time” following each varietal’s roasting before the coffee’s body and signature flavors tend to surface…..we bridge that gap by delivering coffee within 48 hours of roasting. This way, our coffee has been allowed to rest after roasting,…” Why Science Says Freshly Roasted Coffee Tastes Better

“For the best balance, enjoy coffee anywhere from a few days to a week after roasting,…” Mr. Coffee Blog

“Coffee reaches its peak flavor just days after it has been roasted and should be consumed within a month of its roast date.” 7 tips that will change the way you brew coffee at home, BY