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G Suite Support
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G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work) is a set of intelligent apps for business by Google Cloud and “all you need to do your best work, together in one package that works seamlessly from your computer, phone or tablet.” At Connectech we have been an authorized reseller of G Suite since 2009 (now called the G Suite Partner Program).

Connectech Support
Connectech supports our G Suite clients with technical expertise and training so you can fully use the collaboration business tools available for your organization with G Suite. We are experts at deploying G Suite and integrating the full suite of apps with your organization and provide ongoing support when you need it. We provide some free services such as password changes, adding new user accounts or changing existing user accounts, suspending or deleting accounts, domain renewal notifications for your company domain, and answering your G Suite questions. Our clients can contact us at any time and we will provide answers as soon as possible.

Google G Suite Support
Google provides 24/7 Support for all paid G Suite users. However, a super administrator of the domain account must initiate the support request by first accessing the administrator panel and locate your G Suite Phone Support PIN.  Connectech can do this for you once we understand your issue clearly to initiate Google G Suite Enterprise support, however, we charge you billable time for this. Google Enterprise Support has professional experts that clearly want to resolve any of your issues as soon as possible. The recently designed G Suite support center is a multi-layered support system providing everyone with the support they need—when they need it. If you are not familiar with Google’s interface, tools, filtering, labels, apps, etc., Connectech can handle all this for you while you concentrate on taking care of your business tasks. However, note how Turner Lumber after switching over to G Suite reports that G Suite Support resolved IT issues quickly and efficiently.