Currently I am a tech writer for my brother’s company Connectech. I have been a webmaster for over twenty years and have most of my clients living in the Silicon Valley, the Bay Area of San Francisco, and the Sacramento area. One of the perks living in Hawaii and being a tech writer and a webmaster is that my clients can live anywhere in the world and I can live here. I also have some local Hawaiian clients. I moved to the South end of the Big Island of Hawaii in March 2004, then moved to Hilo between 2012 to 2015 and moved back on the South End of the Island in Ka’u living in Mark Twain subdivision. In September 2016 I moved to Honolulu. I rarely work on web sites, other than the Connectech web site or occasionally may help some of my close friends with their web site.


My web sites are mostly open source, such as WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Wiki, and other open source platforms. I use Dreamweaver, Flash Professional, PhotoShop, and Adobe Acrobat Professional using templates that my clients choose from thousands of templates. My clients are very happy with my services and you can contact any of them through their web sites for referrals and ask them what they think of my services as a webmaster.


I have other talents and skills as well. For example, I am a GSuite (formerly Google Apps) Sales Certified Specialist, working for Connectech, my brother Larry’s company. Millions of businesses have gone Google and your business can too. Many of my client have Gone Google and for a list click here. For more information about GSuite where you can watch a short video that explains the benefits click here.

I posted my resumé on an earlier version of this web site which you can view by clicking here.